Venture Marine

Intellectual Property

Venture Marine respects the intellectual property rights of third parties with the same diligence and seriousness with which it protects and enforces its own.

Any situation which might possibly be traced back to a situation of violation of the rights of third parties must be brought to the attention of Venture Marine that will be responsible for the analysis depending on whether they are patents, trademarks, know-how, licences and/or contracts.

These analyses require the use of professionally prepared resources, both internal and external, who can identify the potential risks and ways to avoid or overcome them.

Particular attention must be paid to avoid introducing technical or business knowledge into the company that could be covered by third-party rights. Such unwanted introduction could compromise the integrity of Venture Marine‘s proprietary rights and its own freedom to conduct its business competitively. In particular, the purchase of consultancy services or hiring of staff must be subject to verification that they do not bring into the company confidential technical or business information owned by third parties.